How to find the perfect headphones for your holidays

Get Deeper Into The Game With The Denon Home Theater Sound Bar

The most distinct attraction of a great video game is the ability to enter an escapist realm separate from our day-to-day reality. In the latest titles for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and other major consoles, you can be anyone or anything: an elite soldier, an NBA superstar, a man of the Old West brought back into a world of gunfighting and thievery — you name it, there's a game for it.

How to find the perfect headphones for your holidays

How A Home Theatre Av Receiver Brings The Cinematic Experience To Your Living Room

Bringing the full cinematic experience into the comfort of your home with an AV receiver is easier than you think. Thanks to the widespread availability of 4K televisions, Blu-ray players and surround sound systems, anyone can set one up to enjoy immersive sound for all of your home entertainment.

How to find the perfect headphones for your holidays

3 Signs That Your Speaker System Needs A New Amplifier

There's nothing more frustrating than painstakingly piecing together a wireless speaker system, only to have sound quality that dips well below your expectations. Whether you're a film fan enamoured with the idea of creating a high-quality home theatre system or a music lover looking to capture every detail buried within a recording, subpar audio performance is unacceptable.

How to find the perfect headphones for your holidays

Why Your System Needs To Support Bluetooth

If you're in the market for a system solution, you already know there are many options to consider. Which features do you prioritize, and what are your absolute must-haves? When vetting various Systems, don't overlook the importance of Bluetooth compatibility.

How to find the perfect headphones for your holidays

Does Vinyl Beat Out Other Audio Formats?

True music fans want to get the best sound quality possible when they're listening to their favourite albums and tracks — that's why they're so committed to only using the very best audio setup possible. High-fidelity audio goes beyond which speakers, sound bars and receivers you use, however. Media format matters, whether you prefer to stream music over the latest mobile apps or still rely on your trusty CD player.

How to find the perfect headphones for your holidays

Breaking Down The Latest Hd Picture Formats

Ongoing developments in high-definition video and high-resolution audio have paved the way for movie fans to bring the cinema experience into the comfort of their own homes. Ultra 4K HD video and 3D audio allow for crisper, richer visuals and deeper sound quality than ever before.

How to find the perfect headphones for your holidays

How To Pick The Right Av Receiver For You: A Checklist

True audiophiles understand that to create a rich audio environment and capture a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home, you need a high-quality AV receiver. However, picking the ideal AV receiver can be challenging since there are so many subtle nuances to consider. Eliminate any guesswork and get the best AV receiver possible for your home theatre by following this checklist:

How to find the perfect headphones for your holidays

How A Wireless Multi-Room Audio System Measures Up To Component Audio

If you've ever thrown a party at home or just missed your favourite part of a song because you briefly had to leave your main listening room, you've probably thought about investing in a wireless multi-room audio system. With the right setup, you can enjoy music all day across several different rooms. While many music enthusiasts still opt for a wired component audio system, there are several advantages to cutting the cords.

How to find the perfect headphones for your holidays

A New Denon Legacy: Avc-X8500H Is The World’S First 13.2 Channel Av Amplifier

Denon has a legacy of firsts, and AVC-X8500H continues to champion that mission. From its foundation in 1910 as Japan's first audio electronics manufacturer, to producing the world's first commercial CDs, Denon has been on the forefront of cutting-edge technology in the world of audio and home theatre. Now, its time for another first with the flagship AVC in the X-Series line - one set to usher in a new era of home theatre.

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